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Glade Creek Baptist Church
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God dwells in the supernatural! He saves unbelievers by grace and calls them to ministry, and God wants His people to live an extraordinary life of phenomenal acts of servanthood through an uncompromising and supernatural mindset. God desires Christians to think and behave like Christians all the time. Phil Ayers explores the lives of the apostles of Jesus Christ. Each of the apostles were led by Jesus Christ out of the “rut of mediocre” into a life altering and world challenging commitment to serve, even unto death for the Way! God insists that all followers of His Son, Jesus Christ, finds their way beyond the ordinary pilgrimage of life, to be champions for Him! Tom Landry, the former championship coach of the Dallas Cowboys said, “There is only a half-step difference between the champions and those who finish on the bottom. And much of that half-step is mental.” Christ wants His followers to choose an amazing and exceptional walk with Him, and to be a world changing Christian, a beyond the ordinary servant! Christ needs you today! Purchase this book at Amazon books.

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Church Staff 

Dr. Philip Ayers
Serves as Senior Pastor at Glade Creek Baptist Church

A church pastor in the Roanoke area for over 32 years. Philip received his education from Virginia Western Community College (A.S.), Colonial Baptist College (Th.D.), Trinity Bible College (B.R.Ed.), Trinity Theological Seminary (M.Min.), Liberty University (M.A.)and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (D. Min.).  He teaches Old Testament Survey, and Philosophy in the Humanities Division of Virginia Western Community College. He and his wife, Lois, reside in Roanoke area .

Senior Pastor - Teaching/Leadership - Counseling - Elder Board - Care Ministries


Rev. Bonita Durham

Serves as our Worship Leader & Keyboardists

Bonita brings many years of experince to our music ministry. She is very talented and lends herself to a nurturing ministering for our staff and congregation. We are so blessed to have her on staff. She has a Master of Education from University of Virginia, and is ordained to the gospel ministry by the SBC.

Lois Ayers

Serves as our Senior/Womens Pastor

Lois brings loving care to our senior saints and Bible study to our women. She is the glue that holds our ministry together. 

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All through the Bible, we are encouraged to rise above our circumstances!

Glade Creek Baptist Church

Dr. Phil Ayers , Pastor

3145 Webster Road

Blue Ridge, VA 24019